Kundasang – Nature’s Own Kaleidoscope

When was the last time you took a plunge into a waterfall as if no one was watching? When was the last time you went wild and ran around the verdure like a gleeful sheep? When was the last time you forgot all worldly woes and spent your time chasing butterflies? When was the last time you just did nothing and sat listening to the ripples of the nearby brook?

Seems like a picture straight from some archaic fairytale, right? But that’s Kundasang for you.

Such lush greenery everywhere you see!

Jules Renard once said, “On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.” And during our entire trip to Kundasang, we couldn’t think of any better phrase to describe the place. The acres of pristine meadow with the cattle grazing at their own pace, the rolling mountains, and the cotton candy clouds floating across the vast blue sky – Kundasang is a kaleidoscopic celebration of nature’s bounty and its riches.

Located in the state of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo, Kundasang is a quaint little town overlooking the majestic Mount Kinabalu. The best way to explore this place is on a road trip – driving along the winding roads with the pristine Malaysian countryside as company is an experience in itself, and if you love driving, we promise that plenty of adventures await you in this exciting li’l trip!

For a trip to Kundasang, you have to select Kota Kinabalu as your base. It was a kind of bachelors’ trip from Singapore (yes, Priyanka missed it bad) for me and my friends; but to be honest, Kundasang has something vivid and great in store for every kind of travellers. From adventure lovers looking for that dash of adrenaline rush to nature lovers seeking a divine union with the nature, Kundasang has it all. In fact, I would even suggest Kundasang to couples looking for an offbeat and serene place for their honeymoon – we promise you one of the most enchanting and romantic trips of your life!

So, on your next trip to Malaysia, give the coastal belt of the country a break and find recluse in the lap of nature in Kundasang.

PS. Do you want a detailed guide of our Kundasang trip? If so, leave us a message in our social media channels or write in the comment section! 🙂

There are seldom something as exciting as a road trip with the like minds!


The view from our hotel in Kundasang
Just sit back and relax – there won’t be a soul to disturb you except, of course, the birds, the butterflies and the whirling winds!
Or, you could just count the boulders at the nearby brook and prance away in the woods!
Who says NO to a natural foot spa!!
I have done my share of treetop walks – but this has undoubtedly been the best so far!


Care to taste some lemon Sabah tea?


The Dil Chahta Hai moment – only in a more serene and quieter place.
Kota Kinabalu – a place that offers one of the best snorkelling and diving opportunities in southeast Asia.

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