JODHPUR – the land of sun and warmth!

Jodhpur – a land that exudes royalty, vibrancy, and a quintessential Indian charm from its every nook and corner – is a bustling old city in the western part of Rajasthan, situated on the edge of the Thar Desert. Although the second-largest city of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is renowned across the world for its old-world charms – the throbbing bazaars, grand palaces, imposing forts and, of course, the ubiquitous blue houses that have literally been established as a part of the city’s identity. So, off we went, to unfurl the magic that resides in this lively old city.

Like everyone else visiting the city for the first time, we too had drawn up a picture of Jodhpur in our minds – the grand Mehrangarh fort overlooking the characteristic blue houses with the sun shining bright through porcelain clouds! I mean, anyone who has had his or her share of reads on Jodhpur can never be immune to the magical charm cast upon by the blue houses and the Mehrangarh! And we were no different. Hence, the first day was completely devoted to experience the sights and sounds of the lovely city.

Now, here’s a twist in the tale. If you are going to Jodhpur with the sole motive of capturing the blue houses through your lens, you may be up for disappointment. Elusive is the word for these houses and one has to really toil hard to find them. But we have a short-cut! Like every old cities of India, there is no shortage of labyrinthine lanes in Jodhpur. Lose yourself in one of those lanes that creeps towards the Mehrangarh Fort from Sardar Market, and you may spot some intricately crafted houses – some done completely in red sandstone while others in concrete and painted blue. If you are still unsure of this plan, you may simply ask any local about “Acharya ki vaas”, and they would happily oblige you with the proper direction. However, if you are a true shutterbug, you may visit Chandrapole and trek your way down towards the fort from there. But this entire stretch is quite filthy and may put you off.

The other thing that we simply loved in Jodhpur is the quintessential Rajasthani hospitality. Everywhere you go, be rest assured of being greeted with wonderful smiles. If you are strolling around the Sardar Market (or the Clock Tower market), make sure you spend some time chitchatting with the locals. No; they won’t urge you to purchase anything but will rather give you many insights on the place, which numerous travel journals may not have. To be honest, it was the owner and staff of Ganesh Handicrafts who shared with us the details about Chandrapole: how to reach the area and where to locate the houses.

So, happy exploring, folks! 🙂

Here’s a little sneak-peek into the colours of Jodhpur through our eyes:

Inside the grand Mehrangarh Fort
View from Jaswant Thada, 1 km downhill Mehrangarh  – another place we simply LOVED. A must-visit on your trip to Jodhpur.


The blue city!


This man is a real talent. I wish he had a better platform to showcase his talent on!


The moti mahal exuding grandeur from its nook and corners.


These people were so sweet. Called us back and asked us to click a picture. Although Kali didn’t quite like the idea of posing at all, their innocence had me grasped.

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